Posted on April 02 2019


Figuring out how to strike the right balance is always difficult especially when it’s dependent on occasions. In our experience, the work suit should always adhere to the professional environment and use colours to tastefully enhance one’s outfit. We don’t see that as an invitation to go with boring solid colour socks! It’s the small details that make the most significant impact.

First off, avoid a clash disaster. If you’re donning a trimmed checkered suit it’s not the right time to add our Smith Dalmatians. Rather, incorporate subtle yet bold colours such as our Midnight in Paris pairs. to compliment the suit. Another example of how a pair of socks doesn’t always have to be in the spotlight but can make the suit that much sharper without overpowering the outfit.

Our Sydney or Wild Floral pairs work best with the conservative single breasted suit while our more vibrant Huxley or Oscar pairs shine best with a fossil grey suit. A bright flash of regal purple shows your lighter side and enhances a more tamed colour suit. A splash of purple helps with bringing out the colour of the fabrics and dots and vibrant colours have a notorious reputation of complimenting grey suits extremely well.

What about the shoes though?

Shoes should always match the colour of one’s belt, which usually is either a leather brown or an onyx shade. Our laid back Nautical pairs go well with a pair of clean black Oxfords while a pair of Hemingway Stripes match well with a pair of chestnut brogues.

Chelsea boots have made a roaring comeback from the 60s and we had that in mind when designing our Fitzgerald or Jacques pairs which perfectly compliment the chic look of such stylish boots.

In any case, a high quality suit with high quality shoes should only ever be matched by high quality, comfortable and dapper looking socks you can get your hands on. We’ve crafted our pairs with this in mind and something we will always adhere to.

Whatever you do, don’t you ever grab a pair of white socks and think it’s okay to walk out in the public forum. You are not the King of Pop.

Have a snappy combination you think we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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