Posted on August 12 2018

Strike the right balance with our mens statements socks from The Dapper Collection

The colour and pattern of socks a gentleman chooses to don speaks volumes without uttering a word. Accessorising is often overlooked but we’ve all noticed how a flash of colours can really spruce up the everyday look. The suit may make the man, but the socks define the man.

Many of our friends ask us which sock matches with which outfit. To us, it’s all about striking the right balance and choosing colours that compliment your overall look. You can’t go wrong with traditional black socks paired with a jet black suit but when it comes to socks there are no rules. We encourage mixing and matching with elegance and care.

What it comes down to you is your own personal preference as to how you want to express your individuality. Our versatile designs encourage our members to decide to be conservative or bold on any given day of the week.

You’re bound to expose some ankle when you briskly cross York Street or when you sit down for a cappuccino at Le Renaissance. Why not choose to showcase your personality with the right pair? 

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